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Aug 21

UPDATE for Performers/Patients of West Oaks Urgent Care

Dear PASS Performers: It has been brought to our attention that a clinic at which many performers go for health care has likely received a subpoena for performer medical information as well.  If you have visited West Oaks Urgent Care Center (Dr Rigg) anytime between 2007 until now, it is likely that your medical information has …

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Aug 21

Alert: Weinstein Subpoenaing Performer Medical Records

Earlier this week, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) served several testing centers with subpoenas, asking them to turn over confidential patient privacy data as part of their lawsuit on Measure B. This is a clear HIPPA violation, and an affront to performer dignity. As a healthcare provider schooled in patient privacy, AHF should be ashamed. …

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Nov 07

Adult Industry Calls Weinstein Statewide Condom Bill “Misguided and Dangerous”

Performers and producers oppose Michael Weinstein’s dangerous and ill-informed attacks on the adult industry. This morning, he will announce that he will place a statewide version of his disastrous Measure B legislation on the ballot. Measure B, a Los Angeles condom ordinance, resulted in a 95% drop in permits for adult production, and spurred an …

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Sep 23

No On Government Waste Commitee Praises AIDS Healthcare Foundation For Offering One-Minute HIV Testing

AIDS Healthcare Foundation gala at The Abbey in West Hollywood, CA, celebrates a new progr

While guests and celebrities such as Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones and E! Entertainment Television host Charlie David are being feted at a gala party at The Abbey in West Hollywood tonight, the No on Government Waste Committee, opponents to Measure B, the so-called “Safer Sex” initiative on the Nov. 6th ballot in Los Angeles County, applauded …

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