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Dec 08

An FAQ about STIs, Testing and Moratoriums

We’ve noticed that there is a lot of confusion, both in the media and within the industry about how the decision to call a moratorium is made, how the dates are determined and what protocols are in place to protect adult performers. HIV is a serious issue, and its important that we deal in facts, …

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Aug 28

FSC Reports That Adult Industry Production Moratorium is Lifted

Anonymous_Camcorder copy

The FSC announced late Tuesday that the moratorium on adult filming has been lifted. A PASS (Performer Availability Screening Services—formerly APHSS) panel of three doctors met and confirmed the following: All performers who worked with Cameron Bay have been tested and cleared It is safe to lift the moratorium August 19th is beyond the 2 …

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Oct 09

First Round of Performer Subsidy Fund Checks Going Out Today

The Performer Subsidy Fund will send its first round of subsidy checks to performers today. Performers that tested during the month of September and had test data entered into the Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS.org) database system can look forward to a subsidy of $101.00 per performer panel test. “We are so glad …

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Sep 23

No On Government Waste Commitee Praises AIDS Healthcare Foundation For Offering One-Minute HIV Testing

AIDS Healthcare Foundation gala at The Abbey in West Hollywood, CA, celebrates a new progr

While guests and celebrities such as Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones and E! Entertainment Television host Charlie David are being feted at a gala party at The Abbey in West Hollywood tonight, the No on Government Waste Committee, opponents to Measure B, the so-called “Safer Sex” initiative on the Nov. 6th ballot in Los Angeles County, applauded …

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Aug 29

APHSS Doctors Identify Syphilis Test with 14-Day Window Period

- APHSS testing facilities can start new testing protocol immediately, alleviating need for performer syphilis treatment After continued and exhaustive research, APHSS doctors have discovered a new test for syphilis – Treponemal EIA. This state-of-the-art test significantly shortens the window for syphilis testing from 90 days to 14 days. Trep-Sure is the brand name of …

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Aug 18

FSC Calls for a Temporary Moratorium on Production Nationwide


A performer who tested positive for syphilis has been in touch with FSC and is meeting with FSC’s medical professionals to begin partner identification, evaluation and treatment. FSC has called a temporary moratorium on production until the risk to performers in the industry has been properly assessed and all performers have been tested. APHSS’ doctors …

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Aug 09

Response to Statement by Talent Testing Services


The following is a statement issued by Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS.org) in regards to a Talent Testing Services press release sent to industry media outlets earlier today: This is the first word we have received from Talent Testing Services that they have chosen to stop sending data to the APHSS database. We …

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Aug 07

APHSS Proudly Announces New Performer Testing Service


APHSS.org is glad to announce a new addition to its network of performer testing facilities. STDStatus.com is currently offering performer-testing services at draw stations located nationwide. “We are thrilled to be able to offer more options to performers for testing, especially performers that are located outside of the Los Angeles area,” said FSC Executive Director …

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Aug 07

So, What Is the Los Angeles County Condom Initiative, and What Happens if It’s Passed?

Condom Police

Earlier this year, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) spent an estimated $2 million on paid signature gatherers to get a mandatory condom initiative for adult productions on the ballot. Their efforts were successful, and on LA County’s 2012 November ballot voters will have the option of voting on this misguided ballot measure. The ballot measure goes …

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