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How to access data on the database

Once you log-in, performers are allowed to access their their own work availability history. Performers, producers and agents can view multiple performers’ work availability status.

  • In order to look at a performer’s account, you must have a legal name or log-in number for that person. Enter the name or number in the “search” field; if that person is registered, the search function will bring up the account. If you receive an error message, that person may not be signed up yet or you may have an incorrect spelling of the name.

The website does NOT contain medical records. This system was developed in order to be as HIPAA-compliant as possible and to provide a high level of security for its users by minimizing data. If you need a hardcopy of your test results, you must request them from the performer. Performers can obtain a copy of test results from their testing facility.

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