Mar 13

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Trep-Sure No Longer Required for Active Performers

APHSS Medical Advisory Board Approves Move to RPR Testing on Performers’ Panel

Adult Production Health & Safety Services (APHSS) and its medical advisory board has announced that, effective March 14, 2013, active performers will no longer be required to include the Trep-Sure® (syphilis) test on the STD testing panel. Instead, the Trep-Sure test will be replaced with the RPR test, a recognized standard for syphilis testing, used by clinics and hospitals.

However, first-time performers will still be required to take ONE Trep-sure test, prior to performing in their first scene. Thereafter, active talent are required to take a regular performer’s panel, which should include a RPR test for syphilis.

The change in protocol is hoped to lessen wait time for test results, as well as unnecessary testing for specific patients.

The decision comes after the first meeting of the APHSS medical advisory board, which is made up of a team of 6 doctors including infectious disease experts, pathologists, and internists that either serve in an advisory capacity, or as doctors involved with APHSS testing facilities.

“Our medical advisory board had a very substantive discussion that concluded with the revised protocol,” FSC CEO Diane Duke said. “An overwhelming majority of our medical professionals concluded that this was the best path.

“This is an impressive group and me are extremely fortunate to be able to rely on their expertise,” Duke added.

APHSS was developed by Free Speech Coalition (FSC) to uphold testing protocols for the adult production industry. One of the responsibilities of APHSS is to mandate minimum standards of performer testing, in order to comply with industry-appropriate self-regulation.

For more information on APHSS, contact info@freespeechcoalition.com.

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