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UPDATE: Performer Subsidies, New Guidelines for Scheduling Testing

Dear APHSS Performers,

First, thank you all for participating in the APHSS program.  I know that this last month and a half have been very difficult for performers as we work to protect all performers from the recent rise in syphilis. Your patience and understanding are so very appreciated!

Second, our office has received a number of calls about testing and availability on the APHSS database.  Because we have added the new Trep-Sure syphilis test, results are coming back 12 hours later for some of our testing facilities. When you test, please make sure to allow for enough time in advance of your shoot to get your results back. Unless there are complications with your test, results should come in as indicated in the schedules below:

For Cutting Edge Testing:

Van Nuys, CA – 818-386-2132  Ft Lauderdale FL – 954-745-6888

Tested before 4:30pm on: Sent to performer and available in APHSS by 12 noon on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday
Saturday Tuesday
Sunday Facility closed Sunday

For STDStatus and AMTC:

STDStatus – (866) 554-4296            AMTC – (888) 511-0262

Tested before 4:30pm on: Available in APHSS by 12 noon on:
Monday Results Friday
 Tuesday  Results Friday
Wednesday  Collection (Before 10am) – Results Friday

Collection (After 10am) – Results Monday

 Thursday  Results Monday
 Friday  Results Monday
 Saturday  Results possibly Monday, more likely Friday Depending on Location
 Sunday  Closed Sunday

Results back in business 2 days if tested on Tuesday Thursday or Friday

If your test results are not back when expected, or you have not been updated in the APHSS database, call the facility where you tested.  If you continue to have difficulty, feel free to call the FSC office and we will help you (818)348-9373.

Additional hints for making sure APHSS works for you…

  • Make sure that you are signed up by filling out an APHSS document at your test facility or sign up online www.APHSS.org
  • Make sure that you have given the provider permission to include your information in the APHSS system.
  • If you want to get a check from the Performer Subsidy Fund to help subsidize the cost of your tests, make sure that we have your mailing address by emailing Julie at Julie@freespeechcoalition.com.

Performer Subsidy Fund

For August and September, the fund was used to pay for performer treatment and testing for syphilis.  We are getting the final invoices from the providers this week.  It looks as if there will be some money left over and we will use the remaining funds to subsidize performers who have tested for their regular test panel in the month of September. The first checks for the performer subsidy fund should go out Monday October 8th.  Next month all funds should go to subsidizing performers for regular tests.

Thank you again for your help and cooperation,

Diane Duke

FSC Chief Executive Officer

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