Apr 22

New Clinic Added to FSC PASS Testing Facilities

pitr_Syringe_iconFree Speech Coalition (FSC), as the administrators of the FSC PASS program for performer testing, are pleased to announce the addition of another clinic to its current roster of performer testing facilities. ASL – Adult Film Test Me is located in Sherman Oaks and open for business Monday through Friday, from 8am – 4:30pm, and by appointment on Saturday.

ASL-Adult Film Test Me utilizes nationally renowned Quest Labs for their testing procedures. Draw stations are available nationwide, including in the states of New York and New Jersey. A flat fee of $220 will be charged for full-panel tests. There are no additional draw or transportation fees for tests conducted at remote draw stations. Performers can expect a 1-3 day turnaround on test results.

Address and contact information for ASL – Adult Film Test Me is as follows:

(888) 700-0083
(818) 305-3100
4955 Van Nuys Blvd., Ste 711
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


For more information on the FSC PASS program for performer testing, please contact Diane Duke at diane@freespeechcoalition.com or (818) 348-9373.


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Mar 21

Production Hold Update – Test Results False Positive


Confirmatory results from yesterday’s possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer have come back negative indicating a false positive. Production can resume immediately.

It’s important to remember that production holds are part of a functioning safety system. So long as performers have private lives, we can never eliminate their risk of contracting HIV. However, we can make sure that should a performer contract HIV, that we stop it before it is transmitted to other performers.

We understand that production holds are difficult, but they are necessary for the system to work. In the meantime, we thank everyone for observing the production hold.

For More Information:

Diane Duke


Free Speech Coalition

(818) 348-9373


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Mar 20

FSC Calls Immediate Production Hold

200px-Nuvola_apps_important_blue.svgThe Free Speech Coalition is calling for a precautionary production hold after a possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer using the PASS (Performer Availability Screening Service) system. The test has not yet been confirmed, and we will know if it is a true positive or false positive in the next day. If it is a false positive, we will lift the hold within the next few days. Nevertheless, out of an abundance of precaution, we will be retesting anyone who might have had contact with the performer within the testing window, and asking that producers stop filming until we know more.

The adult industry periodically calls for production holds when any possible positive tests surface.

Diane Duke
Chief Executive Officer
Free Speech Coalition

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Mar 11

Ocular Syphilis Cases Reported in California and Washington State

200px-Nuvola_apps_important_blue.svgSince December 2014, a number of cases of Ocular Syphilis infections (syphilis infections in the eye) have been reported on the US West Coast.

There have been no cases among Adult Film Performers, and performers who choose to participate in the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS), are not considered at high risk due to the detailed bi-weekly health screenings. However, as part of an on-going collaboration between the adult industry and state and local public health departments, we felt it important to help raise awareness.

Only 10% of all syphilis infections impact the eye and develop symptoms such as blurry vision, floaters, a blue tinge in vision, flashing lights, or eye pain. These symptoms are so generic that they are often ignored or mistaken for something like pink eye. Misdiagnosing the infection and leaving it untreated can lead to blindness, and done damage is not easily reversible, but ocular syphilis is easy to detect and cure with the right tests and antibiotics. The recent cases highlight the importance of regular sexual health screenings and provider education.

The affected Health Departments, King County, WA, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, recommend that people should get tested for syphilis if any of the above-mentioned vision problems occur.

Condoms can provide some protection, but sores caused by Syphilis (chancres) allow the bacteria to also spread through skin to skin contact between body parts that condoms do not cover. These sores can develop anywhere on the body, and usually occur first where the person initially came in contact with the bacteria. While adult film performers aren’t affected, it is always wise to be vigilant, no matter who you are or how you choose to have sex.

Getting tested every three months is the best way to protect your health, especially if you have had ten or more sex partners, any other STI, used poppers or meth, or had condomless anal sex in the past year.

Fewer than half of adults age 18 to 44 have ever been tested for an STI other than HIV.  If you don’t want to go to your primary care physician to get tested, click here to find a testing site near you in the US.

Eric Paul Leue
Director of Sexual Health and Advocacy

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Dec 30


Yesterday, the California Department of Public Health released information about an incident this past September concerning a performer with HIV working on a non-compliant adult film set in Nevada. This is, however, not a ‘current threat’ as stated in the press release.

At the time of the incident, the Free Speech Coalition immediately cooperated with the Department of Public Health, and called a moratorium to determine if there was any risk of transmission to performers on PASS compliant adult sets. Non-complaint shoots are one of the chief dangers of pushing the adult industry out of state, and outside the established testing protocol.

The shoots in question did not adhere to the PASS testing protocols and were shot outside of the PASS testing database used by adult performers. Not only did this leave those who participated at risk, it made it much harder to track scene partners once the possible infection was discovered.

While the set did use a degree of HIV testing, it fell below the standard set by PASS protocols, including the use of an ELISA HIV tests, rather than the highly sensitive RNA tests required by the industry. The ELISA tests have large window periods that delay how early an infection can be detected, and have not been accepted within the adult industry for over a decade.

Neither did the shoot utilize the PASS database. However, once alerted by the DPH to the incident, the Free Speech Coalition worked swiftly to shut down production within the larger industry and help track any possible exposures in or out of the PASS database. While performers in the PASS database were not affected, participants on the non-compliant shoot may have been exposed.

The adult film industry has been working with government agencies including Cal/OSHA to bring remaining producers shooting outside of the PASS protocols into compliance. The PASS system utilized by the industry is a proven testing protocol that has been effective in preventing any on-set transmission of HIV for more than ten years.

For more information about industry protocols, moratoriums and testing:


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Dec 16

Measure B Decision will Hurt Performers

Policeman in Hazmat clothing with gieger counterThe 9th Circuit Court of California announced today that it would decline to issue an injunction to stop the Measure B, the 2012 ballot measure which seeks mandate condoms in adult film produced in Los Angeles County. This latest decision is not a ruling on the constitutionality of Measure B, but rather a decision declining to enjoin the rest of the statute at this time. Previous courts have struck down the enforcement component of the law; this latest ruling does not change that decision.

“While this intermediate decision allows that condoms may be mandated, it doesn’t meant they should be,” said Diane Duke, CEO of the Free Speech Coalition. “We have spent the last two years fighting for the right of adult performers to make their own decisions about their bodies, and against the stigma against adult film performers embodied in the statute. Rather than protect adult performers, a condom mandate pushes a legal industry underground where workers are less safe. This is terrible policy that has been defeated in other legislative venues.”

Los Angeles County has seen a 95% drop in permits since the passage of Measure B, as adult film production has moved into neighboring counties, and out of state, most notably to Las Vegas.

Under standards enforced by the industry, in order to work, adult film performers must test every fourteen-days for a full-slate of STIs, including HIV. There has not been a transmission of HIV on a regulated adult film set in over a decade.

“This decision will hurt performers,” said Duke.  “That’s why a broad coalition that includes doctors, public health advocates, performers and performers rights groups came together to defeat similar legislation this summer.“

Plaintiffs in the case are considering all options for moving forward and will make a decision in the coming weeks.

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Nov 07

Adult Industry Calls Weinstein Statewide Condom Bill “Misguided and Dangerous”

Condom-Police-300x240Performers and producers oppose Michael Weinstein’s dangerous and ill-informed attacks on the adult industry. This morning, he will announce that he will place a statewide version of his disastrous Measure B legislation on the ballot. Measure B, a Los Angeles condom ordinance, resulted in a 95% drop in permits for adult production, and spurred an industry exodus to Las Vegas.

Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition, released this statement:

“Michael Weinstein is resorting to the ballot initiative process because he can’t get it done any other way. His campaign has failed multiple times in the legislature, it’s has been opposed by HIV outreach and LGBT groups, it’s been opposed by civil rights groups, it’s been opposed by newspaper editorial boards and, most importantly, it’s been opposed by performers. Why? Because the bill not only takes away performers’ control over their own bodies, it pushes the industry out of California and underground, making performers ultimately less safe.

Anyone who looks at the data around performer health sees that Weinstein’s campaign is more about his dislike for the adult industry than it is about workplace safety. Despite shooting hundreds of thousands of scenes, there hasn’t been a transmission of HIV on a regulated adult set since 2004 thanks to a rigorous protocol that requires performers to be tested every fourteen days for a full slate of STIs including HIV. Yet because it attracts donors to his organization and headlines for himself, Weinstein has manufactured a crisis.

In his one-man war against the adult industry, Weinstein routinely uses performers who contracted HIV in their personal lives, and were stopped from working by testing protocol, as evidence of danger. It’s cynical and shameful, and he’s been reprimanded repeatedly by public health authorities for making claims that don’t stand up to scrutiny.

As a result, Weinstein now uses confusing language, most notably “the performers contracted HIV while working in the adult industry” to imply that transmission happened on a set without making the claim directly. (It’s like saying “Magic Johnson contracted HIV while working as a basketball player”). Having failed at the legislative level, he’s now hoping that he can use such language to confuse voters.

Michael Weinstein’s controversial AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been under fire locally and nationally for using his taxpayer funded organization to enforce various versions of his conservative morality. His misguided morality campaign is not limited to adult sets — as part of his condom-only campaign, he has called for an end to HIV vaccine research, he opposed medication that can prevent HIV transmission, and he has sued the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles when they’ve opposed him.

Performer health is important. But performers, the most tested population on the planet, should have the ultimate right to control their bodies and their health. They don’t deserve to be shamed or treated as a public danger, or to have their rights trampled. Michael Weinstein is using taxpayer money to fund a campaign that is opposed by performers, public health experts, and civil rights groups, in hopes that he can use the ballot initiative to accomplish what has failed in every other venue. We, likewise, will oppose this.”

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Oct 20

Production Hold Lifted

200px-Nuvola_apps_important_blue.svgThe current production hold has been lifted. FSC’s statement is as follows:

The Free Speech Coalition announces that the production hold from last week has been lifted, and production can continue effective immediately. A production hold was called when it was determined that a performer in the PASS database might have been exposed to HIV in late September, after off-set contact with a performer from an out-of-state set that was not observing PASS protocols. We called a production hold while we conducted precautionary testing with that performer and anyone he or she performed with. All precautionary testing has been completed and there is a medical determination that the performer pool has not been compromised.

Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition, thanked producers and performers for honoring the hold over the weekend.

“We know that production holds and moratoriums are difficult for performers and producers, but they are integral to the safety of the PASS performer pool. We also realize that the lack of information in these situations can also be frustrating; however, it’s crucial that we maintain medical privacy for the performers involved.”

“The PASS database and protocols are crucial to protecting performers. This is why we are working so doggedly on regulations that will encourage full compliance with PASS no matter where they shoot.  All indications are that full compliance with the PASS system continues to protect performers and prevent on-set transmissions. In addition, our moratorium protocols effectively provided testing and prevented any compromise to the performer pool.”

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Oct 17

UPDATE: Production Hold Extended

The Free Speech Coalition is asking that all producers extend the current production hold through Monday until all tests for possibly affected performers are conclusive.
Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition:
“We understand that production delays are difficult for performers as well as producers. However, as always, for the safety and intergrity of the performer pool, we need to err on the side of caution. We will continue to work with producers, performers and the health department to investigate, and determine when production can safely continue.”

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Oct 15

Free Speech Coalition Calls Three-Day Production Hold on Adult Film


The Free Speech Coalition has called for a three-day hold of production while it investigates a possible positive HIV exposure on an adult set. Diane Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition released this statement to the press:
“As with past production holds, we ask that people refrain from speculation until more news is forthcoming, and respect performer privacy. We are currently working with the public health department, the production company, and the performer, and will alert as more information is available.”
The Free Speech Coalition periodically calls production holds and moratorium if there is a possible risk of HIV within the adult film community. Moratoriums are an important part of the safety protocols in adult film, but does not signal an actual on-set transmission. The adult film industry has not seen an on-set transmission of HIV in over ten years.
For More Information:
Diane Duke
Free Speech Coalition

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